Women’s Projects

Business management

The training by AVS of women in Business Management to help them to maximise the development of their livelihood projects and to increase their opportunity of gaining financial support, is in its second phase.

After training the groups have prepared a business plan to be shared with our team, improved where necessary and members given advice about the completion of application forms and appropriate and available sources of revenue.

Other women’s groups are supported at a more direct financial level as they learn how to work as a team, to trust one another and to focus on a business possibility for the group.


In the area of maternal health, we provide Mama bags to expectant mothers to be used for deliveries. Each bag provides basic items to help with hygiene during the birth and immediate aftercare for both mother and child, and includes: an outfit and a shawl for the baby, cotton wool, a bar of soap, laundry soap, surgical gloves and petroleum jelly.

As each bag is only given once each expectant mother has attended three ante-natal classes, the number of women attending antenatal clinics and delivering within Muyembe Health Centre has significantly increased throughout this time. In addition, because the project provides an incentive, women are travelling from further afield to Muyembe to receive their maternity care instead of from their local clinics. Therefore, AVS hopes to increase the number of bags distributed per month, alongside continuing to encourage mothers to receive valuable education and increased safety throughout their pregnancies and deliveries.

A recent development has been the production of sanitary pads to improve the quality of life of teenage girls and women. Girls miss 4-7 days a month or even drop out of their education because they are unable to manage their menstruation at school if their needs for sanitary wear are not met. In some cases, female teachers (majority in primary schools) are also absent due to a lack of menstruation facilities at school, affecting pupils’ educational experiences.

Irrigation and Agricultural

With technical support provided by The Farmers Guide Uganda, AVS is implementing a project on irrigation and agricultural-business; with the overall objective to support AVS’ women’s and community groups to enhance their livelihoods and enable self-sustainability of food supply despite variations in climate throughout the year.

This current phase of the project is directly benefitting 89 members across 3 differing groups. The project will then be rolled out to the remaining 19 groups supported by AVS in phases.