Village Life

The Village Secondary School

Sponsoring a student is giving a lifetime gift of £180 a year or £15 a month will send a day student to the village secondary school which will support them, providing uniform, books, and pocket money until they have completed their ‘O’ level. That is four years of education. 

For girl students whose homes are too far from the village schools we have opened a purpose-built school hostel. This hostel will provide a place for girl students who live too far from the village
schools to travel daily. In the hostels students also need personal requirements like a mattress, sheets, blanket, mosquito net, jerry can, basin and towel. Hostel accommodation and personal requirements need another £96 (£8 a month).

A Town School and Accommodation

£420 a year or £35 a month. If the student succeeds at 0-level, then they will need to continue their education in a town school to complete two years of A-level studies. This means providing accommodation for the student in a hostel, as well as personal requirements.

University including Accommodation

Once a student has successfully completed ‘A-levels there are many different routes to take. A place in university is possible for the few really high achievers.  Teacher training, medical qualifications, agricultural and business studies are all desirable routes. All of these courses are though, prohibitively expensive for students such as ours, for £720 a year or £60 a month we can work together then we can enable them to succeed and obtain qualifications that will help them to support themselves and a family for the rest of their lives.
Some of our sponsors are prepared to share the cost of further education for our students.

Financial Independence

At African Village Support we are currently training 3 of our women’s groups in farming so that they can learn a skill and become financially independent. 
Here’s a photo of the cabbages they are growing, so they can then sell them and support their families!
We have hundreds of other women who would also love to learn, but we need to buy seeds, fertilizer, insecticide and pay a teacher. If you would like to donate to this agricultural program please email and put ‘Women’s groups donation’ in the subject line.