Bringing It All Together

The AVS Community Centre is the base for the delivery of many of our projects and the home of our small headquarters team of staff and the volunteers who work with them. Used by community groups, the Centre is already an income generator.

Today our Uganda Executive Board oversees that the Centre will offer a wide variety of facilities and services, including:

  • An Information Services Centre providing information and the sharing of knowledge on development programmes, education, health, life skills, career guidance etc;
  • Development of skills necessary/relevant for present day employment;
  • Links with regional vocational training services to provide student placement/internship opportunities in vocational subjects e.g. IT, secretarial, catering, waitressing;
  • Links with local schools offering reading and study facilities including a library;
  • The development of a wide range of musical experiences including Home of Talent, as well as performances by local and national musicians, women’s choirs, annual school festivals and competitions for aspiring local musicians;
  • Introduction to and development of ITC training including Internet use, research skills etc;
  • A rolling programme of seminars linking with Community Development Services, Health department Police, Education, Red Cross etc;
  • A safe and supportive environment and qualified personnel for women, offering counselling, workshops and seminars on relevant topics;
  • Opportunities for volunteering and employment for local tertiary students during vacations;
  • Student study support;
  • An early years development programme for parents and young children.