The Most Vulnerable

Often identified by members of their own community, AVS uses this local knowledge to help   people who are most in need.

Thus, for example, we support two local people who are suffering from epilepsy and have transformed their lives by providing medication for them.

We have rescued elderly members of the community who have been living in dire circumstances and provided food for child – headed families.

An example of our work…

Brought to the attention of AVS by a local women’s group. Felicitas (82) was living alone in terrible conditions, and struggling to make ends meet. Felicitas said of her old home ‘the roof was leaking and the walls about to collapse. I had no energy to cut trees to repair it.’

With AVS providing the funds and the local community organising the materials and providing labour, we were able to support her with a new home. Even by rural Ugandan standards, the new home of Felicitas is still basic – a small, iron-sheet roof and mud-and-wattle structure. Despite this Felicitas was overjoyed to be safe and dry.

AVS would like to support these people with day-to-day necessities, such as; blankets, mattresses and cooking utensils. For those most vulnerable we hope to construct new houses fitted with corrugated iron roofs – better designed to deal with conditions such as heavy rainfall and flooding; as well as providing a dry and secure living environment.

We cannot help all, but we do help, with local support, those who are brought to our attention.