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Welcome to the African Village Support (AVS) website where can learn all you need about our work, our aims and our achievements in villages in rural eastern Uganda.
What Do We Do?
Access to education is regarded by all of the communities as vital if their children are to have the best life chances possible. Our work with local schools was the impetus for the formation of the charity from which the move to support the wider community developed. Supporting bright, but impoverished students in accessing secondary and tertiary education through carefully selected sponsorship has completely changed the lives of many - university graduates’ figure amongst our alumni - young people whom without the support of AVS would now be, at best, labourers on subsistence farms or, in the case of the girls, married in their early teens with children.
How Can You Help?
Sponsoring a student is giving a lifetime gift to a young person. It is a way of helping them to become independent adults able to support themselves and a family. Decide how much you feel able to contribute and set up a standing order to African Village Support. £10 a month will educate a day student in the village and extra £5 per month will enable us to provide uniforms, books etc. £8 more a month will enable a student to stay in a hostel close to their school which for the girls is particularly important. £35 a month will send a student to a town school to undertake 'A' levels and stay in a student hostel. A tertiary education will cost £60 a month for three years but a group of people joining together could support one very able student. Our task is to enable students to continue with their adult education and become independent citizens. They need the chance to build on their achievements so far.


The last couple of years have been financially challenging as many of our students completed their ‘O’Level equivalent exams...

Village Life

We are a small charity which is making a big difference; working together with students and schools, women's groups and the youth we develop sustainable projects with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency.

Volunteer With Us

Volunteering with us is an inspiring and fruitful way to make a positive difference in someone else's life.